Why Conrado?


We also make sure the participants have fun when taking a language or integration course. At Conrado we use some of the most modern teaching methods and didactic work forms such as role-playing, thematic teaching, and interactive learning. This ensures that the participants become engaged in the learning process and the course material is grasped more rapidly and efficiently. After a first interview, we modify the course according to the desires and needs of the client.

Courses are tailored to fit the participants’ needs and wishes

 Before planning a course, we carry out an interview determine the goals of the course participant. We also verify the preliminary and the desired final levels of the course.

Our language courses are based on the standards established by the Common European Framework of Reference. This framework has established a European standard for assessing the level of all modern languages. Our integration courses take the cultural background of the participants into account. In all our courses we divide the participants into groups according to their level of education. The course can then proceed at a pace that is most efficient for everyone in the group.


Conrado plays an active part in helping its students build up their knowledge and put into practice what they have learned. Conrado assists students in networking and making new contacts and will help students to find a trainee post or volunteer work. Over the past few years, Conrado has been building up an extensive network specifically for this purpose.

Small Groups

The maximum amount of participants per group is 12. Therefore there is great attention to the participant.

A Vast Network of Experienced Coaches and Translators

All our instructors have extensive experience in teaching language programmes within companies and organizations. In addition to standardized course material, the instructors use material they have developed themselves. This ensures the programme is easily adapted to the participants’ individual needs. Our translation services are supported by a specialized professional team of translators.

Interim and Final Evaluation

All courses include an interim and a final evaluation. The interim evaluation enables us to manoeuvre the courses in the right direction if necessary. In the final evaluation, we check to see if the desired goals have been obtained and which skills still require further attention. We take these results into account should the client wish to take a follow-up course.