English at Work

Is English important in your job? Maybe it is the company language or it might be very important in the communications with clients? We advise you to take a course in English at work. We have teachers specialized in several branches. They have affinity with the language used and can better meet the needs of these employees in language learning.

In order to fit lessons to work practice we think it is important that teacher and head of a department have regular contact with each other. Thus the teacher will get a better insight into practical work situations crucial to the employees and the head of department will be able to keep track of the progress made by the employees.


At Conrado you can prepare for four different target levels: A1, A2, B1 and B2.

The time you need to reach the required level depends on your starting level. Click here for the Level Assesment test. Of course the more time you invest in studying, the higher your proficiency will become.

Do your employees wish to reach a higher level than B2? We can help you to achieve this. Please contact Conrado.

Structure of the Course

During the course we will be training your general language skills as well as specific language skills in reading and writing needed for your work branch. Role playing will prove to be a good tool to practise students speaking skills in specific professional situations.

Besides the regular courses we also offer E-learning. Every student will receive a user name and password which will enable him to log into Conrado’s website and practise his language skills at home. This allows both teacher and student to keep informed about the latest scores on different learning skills. At the end of the course the student will receive a scores report.

Duration and Prices

We offer courses for your employees starting at a minimum of 2 hours a week depending on when they are available for group lessons. They will be able to significantly improve their language skills within only a few weeks and they can put what they have learned into practice directly. If you want to have five employees in a group that have basically the same starting level we can offer you a keen price.

For more information you can fill out the contact form or call Conrado at 020-4890566 of 06-10240553 (Juul Kampstra).