Language Courses for Companies (In-company Training)

In-company trainings take place at the company where the course participants work. This way, no travel time is lost, and the class schedule is coordinated with the participants’ working schedule.

In-company trainings are available either on a one-to-one basis or for groups.

We determine the goals, the curriculum and the duration of the programme in advance. To determine the goals of the course as clearly as possible, we ask our clients questions such as:  ‘Do you require a general language course?’, ‘Are you going to use the foreign language for business purposes?’, ‘What field/ area do you work in?’, and ‘Do you want to improve your spoken business communication skills or your business writing skills?’…The aim is for the course to be efficiently tailored to the course participants’ profession as well as to the level they reach in the required language. We apply the same criteria to all other courses. As soon as we establish the goal and the starting level of the course, we design its content and structure accordingly.

At Conrado we offer courses in the following languages:

Dutch as a second language or as a foreign language

Conrado is specialized in the following company courses: