General Conditions

Article 1. General

Terms are defined as follows:

Assignment: Client assigns Conrado B.V. (afterwards known as ‘Conrado’ in this document) to train the client’s company or institution, whether or not for the benefit of the staff.

Courses/Training: A course, training, day of study, special theme day, seminar, language trip or any other form of education in the area of language or culture acquisition or communication in the broadest sense of the word.

Client: Any company, institution or private person negotiating with Conrado about a possible or given assignment.

Article 2. Content of the course and organization of the exam

Conrado will arrange the course in such a manner that after completion, the course participant must be assumed capable of passing the ‘inburgerings’- or state exam conform to the legislation on ‘Inburgering’ or get any other official diploma attached to the course. If a course participant is not due for any official exam, Conrado will arrange the course in such a manner that the course participant will be enabled to improve his or her language skills.

Article 3. Times, prices and locations

The course schedule can be found on the website.

Conrado reserves the right to alter the course schedule or location for organizational or educational reasons. The course participant will be informed in a timely manner of any alteration in the course schedule and/or location

Payment of private trainings: Invoice payment will always take place at a minimum of three days before the first course day by transferring the specified amount into Conrado’s bank account (3508109) in the name of Conrado B.V. The next payment is due three days before a next series of lessons. If a course participant has a loan at DUO, the invoice will be signed by Conrado and the course participant before the first lesson. In case of the participant doesn’t pay the amount of the invoice, the course will be stopped two weeks after the first day of the month. Also an extra fee, administration costs of 45 euro, will be charged.

Article 4. Rights and obligations of the course participant

The course participant agrees to the exchange of his personal records by Conrado and the IB-group for the sake of registration of exam results.

The course participant agrees to the exchange of his personal records by Conrado and the organization that has been assigned to test customer satisfaction on behalf of ‘Blik op Werk’ for the Trademark ‘Keurmerk Inburgeren’.

If a course participant signs a contract at a time the trademark is ‘temporarily invalid’ and the training institution loses the trademark, the contract can be remitted one-sidedly by the course participant if he was not informed in due time of the temporary invalidity – without having to give any legal grounds for it – and course fees must be reimbursed. When a (preliminary) granted trademark has been retracted, the course participant will still be enabled to finish the course preserving loan and compensation arrangements.

Courses can be cancelled if there are not enough participants (grouplessons: if less than six persons are registered at the starting date). Conrado will inform course participants in due time if this is the case. The course participant can choose for either reimbursement of the course fee, or he/she– in consultation with Conrado can wait until there are enough participants to start a new course.

Article 5: Terms of cancellation

Both business and private clients have a right to a reflection period of seven days after the course fee has been paid. If a client decides not to follow the course after having paid, and the reflection period is not yet over, Conrado will reimburse the course fee.

Private and business training

Lessons that have been cancelled 24 hours in advance by participant or client can be caught up within 30 days by the participant. Lessons that have been cancelled too late by participant or client are lost. The agreed maximum number of cancellations has been set at 20 per cent by Conrado and client. Payment of cancelled lessons is still due. Cancelling a lesson on Monday should be done on the Friday before 13:00 (one o’clock in the afternoon). Cancellation can only be done via written notice or by email. Paying the total course fee up to the end date fixed by Conrado is due if cancellation took place less than two weeks before the start of the training.

If a client cancels a training during the course, he is still due for payment of the total course fee. Only Conrado can make an exception to this rule. Lessons can only be catched up in a different group.

The following reasons for cancellation will be accepted, subject to reservations and evaluation as such by Conrado: moving to a location within a certain border of Amsterdam, medical conditions that prevent the participant from attending classes. The course participant should in these cases be able to give some official proof to be determined as such by Conrado

Client is entitled to end an agreement between times only by registered letter. He commits himself to paying 100 per cent of the invoice value of the part of the assignment that has been carried out, plus 75 per cent of the invoice value of the part assignment that would be carried out in the six weeks after termination of the contract.

If the client has a right to compensation as stipulated in Article 3., this will be paid by Conrado within two months.

Article 6. Cancellation of training activities

Conrado will make an effort to ensure that training activities will continue at all times. If training activities have been cancelled, Conrado will offer new dates for the course participant to follow at a time convenient for him/her and in consultation with him/her. If the course participant has paid for a lesson and the lesson has been rescheduled, then the participant is entitled to a reimbursement of the course fee if he/she cannot be present at the rescheduled lesson. If the lesson cannot be rescheduled, the course participant is entitled to reimbursement.

Article 7. Complaints Procedure

The service of Conrado includes the Complaints Procedure:

Article 8. Privacy Rule

The Privacy Rule applies to the registration and processing of personal data.

Article 9. Teaching Aids

Teaching aids can only be supplied in exchange for payment.

Article 10. Intellectual Property Rights

Conrado holds the copyright and/or any other intellectual property rights to teaching materials developed by Conrado or any other work relating to an assignment, unless both parties have signed a written agreement to give exception from this rule.

Client and participant are restricted to using teaching materials made available by Conrado only for their own benefit. No part of these teaching materials may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means including photocopying, electronic, mechanical, recording or otherwise, nor should it be lent, re-sold, hired out or otherwise circulated without the prior written permission of Conrado.

Article 11. Regulations relating to training location

The course participant will comply with the rules and regulations of the training location and its grounds.

Article 12. Termination of contract

The contract ends:

  • if the course participant has gained a degree or certificate;
  • if the term of the contract has expired;
  • If a course participant has clearly left the training at his/her own initiative;
  • if a course participant and institution have mutually agreed to it in writing;
  • if the training institution loses the trademark for ‘Inburgering’ and the course participant chooses to follow a course elsewhere. The course participant can claim the remaining course fee (only if the course participant has paid himself);
  • if the training institution can no longer offer any training due to force majeure.

Article 13. Final Provisions

In cases not covered for by this agreement, the training institution will decide what action to take, in consultation with the course participant.

Disputes resulting from this agreement will be taken to court in Amsterdam.

Dutch law exclusively applies to this agreement.