English courses for individuals

Conrado offers specific English language courses for individuals. If you are a total beginner, we teach you the basis of the English language and go from there. If you already have a command of the English language, we will help you to improve your English further.

We offer general English language courses at several levels and focus on your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills (do you want to know your level? do the test). You can also chose to do an English course which focuses on a specific area to suit your needs. Our focus areas include business English, academic language and conversational English.

Whether you would like to learn English to help you get by on holiday or keep in touch with family and friends, or English for education or work, the variety of courses we offer are designed to meet your needs.

If you have learned English before, we offer refresher courses.  We offer senior citizens a specially designed English language refresher course which can also be adapted for beginners. The courses mentioned on this page are mainly designed for Dutch-speakers, but if you are a non-Dutch speaker please contact us for a personal consultation to see if we can help.

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