State Exam Dutch as a Second Language NT2

The amount of students in a group is between 6 – 12, always guided by an experienced teacher.

“Staatsexamen NT2  course” available in the following cities (A2 – B1/B2:

How can you enroll a course? Just click on the button “inschrijven” and you will enter the paymentprocudure (ideal). After payment you will be registered for the first 8 lessons. After this period the payments will be made in advance for each 8 lessons by invoice.


If we have more people (between 7 and 15 persons) who enrolled for a course, we can offer a lower price (850 euro for at least 100 lesson hours). The condition is always that the difference in level between participants may not be too big and the participant need to follow at least 100 lesson hours.

If you are obliged to participate in “Inburgering”, you can either do the “Inburgering” exam or Staatsexamen NT2 programma.

The time you need to reach the required level Dutch depends on your starting level. Click here for a level assesment test: niveautoets. Of course the more time you invest in studying Dutch, the higher your proficiency will become.

Prior to the Dutch course there will be an intake. During this intake we will carefully take stock of your personal aims, your starting level of Dutch and desired target level. Personal needs and wishes, among which the requirements for ‘inburgering’ and your professional situation and need for schooling, will define the target level of your Dutch language skills. In putting together our group courses NT2 we will take the level of education of the students into account.